Kuttimaa – A Beautiful Journey


First things first – This is not a review. I just wanted to share my happiness after watching this movie over and over again.  Yeah I will call it a movie as it has got all the elements to make it in big screen – A pleasing background score, picturesque places, stunning visuals and excellent acting especially from the lead actors.

When Romance is the go-to genre all around the world, it is a brave attempt from the director to pick up a story that revolves around the relationship between a grandma and the grandson. A lot of work has gone into details as the story brings out the beauty of the village as well as the families that gets set for a wedding. Our grandparents love pulling our legs and that forms the crux of the story.

When i was a small kid and when i asked my grandpa to buy me a ball, he would go to the shop and when he comes back, he will hand me a packet of milk and say ” Nee idhana da keta ” ( Meaning : This is what you asked ). Then after 5 to 10 mins of continuous arguing, he will slip his hand into his trouser pocket and pull out the ball which i asked for. This will usually be followed by laughter.

This movie reminded me of him so much. The lead actors K.R Rangamma and Yeskay Durai have done a fabulous job by portraying a naughty grandma and a modern grandson. The natural and casual acting by Yeskay throughout the movie and the final dialogue by Yeskay will stand a testimony to his acting for the days to come.  Though we have become different after our formal education and corporate atmosphere, there is a still an active part of us that longs to be with our roots. This movie appeals to that part of ours.

The songs were resonating the mood perfectly and special credit goes to the lyricist as the words have been wonderfully chosen. I especially love the scene at the temple when Yeskay wants to know how is he related to Shruthi – the expressions of Kuttima before the conversation starts is hilarious.

This is one movie which you can watch again and again to remember your good old past or to cherish the present or maybe shape a better future with your loved grandparents.

This movie sends across a strong message to everyone and definitely for many years to come, it will be

” K for Kuttima ”

A Standing ovation for the team 🙂




Thuppaki – Thumbs up all the way


Thuppaki – A must watch

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Thuppaki starring Vijay, Kajal Agarwal and Vidyut Jamwal in the lead and directed by A.R.Murugadoss scores the home run very easily. It is an out and out Vijay movie with stunning cinematography by Santosh Sivan and gripping screenplay by A.R.M

The most interesting part of the movie is that the battle between the good and the bad is the battle of wits rather than the most common fist fights. Fifteen minutes into the movie you realize that this is not just another movie and the classy introduction of the hero (Vijay) deserves a special mention. The whole dedicating to Indian Army thing is certainly not a marketing gimmick as the storyline shows what an intelligence agent in the army is capable of. There are a lot of dialogues that will make you feel you could have applied for the Indian Army. Cheesy it might seem, but it is true.

Vijay carries the whole movie on his shoulders and he has been the director’s man in this movie. His neat and casual dressing tailor-made for his physique makes the girls go Wow right from the start of the movie till the end. The costume designer will go places for his contribution to the movie.

The cinematography by Santosh Sivan deserves the red carpets as it has been the best in the recent past with attention to detail. The songs and the action sequences have been captured with freshness and flair respectively that leaves the audience awestruck and the fans hooting once in a while. It is the movie’s second hero.

Kajal Agarwal plays Vijay’s love interest and she has done a decent job as a heroine given the scope of the movie confining mostly to the cat and mouse theme. She contributes to the fun part of the movie with much help coming from veteran actor Jayaram and Vijay’s seasoned friend Sathyan.

It has been quite a while in Tamil Movies where the Villain is as brilliant as the hero and Vidyut Jamwal has carved a niche for himself being the silent but a ruthless terrorist lead. His physique and his gifted martial talent comes in handy in the climax yet people love to see the hero win at the end of the day.

The best part of the movie is that there is not too much of a commercial element yet it appeals to a wider variety of audience with its style and substance. Harris Jayaraj has scored the music and few of the tracks are chartbusters for a few weeks now.The Background score being very much in line with the teaser contributes to the interest element and a Vijay fan will certainly have goosebumps once in a while.

The movie drives home a strong message that there are some people out there risking their very lives so that the people living in the country can lead a normal life. Few of the dialogs that Vijay delivers strikes this note perfectly and it is simply the best movie to watch out for as it is a sensible movie that entertains all age groups.