100 Day Blogging Course by Deepak Kanakaraju – Review

Learn Blogging in 100 Days

I have been a blogger for over 6 years now and that is something that I will do forever. The major challenge for any blogger is to come up with what to write about every time you log in to your blog. Age old advice is to zero in on a niche and start building content.

We have a lot of tools that are aimed to help startups, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. There are best practices when it comes to everything.

What if you are guided by a seasoned blogger who has written over 200 quality articles in the domain of Digital Marketing? Last month, I found about this course in a Facebook group dedicated to Digital Marketers here.

Learn Blogging in 100 Days

Deepak Kanakaraju is a well known digital marketing expert who has headed Digital Marketing in major Startups and he has trained thousands of professionals in this domain. He has come up with this unique and intensive course where he builds a blog from scratch and documents the same in video lessons.

All you need to do is to identify your niche and start a blog and follow what he does for 100 days exactly and I am sure your blogging journey will be sorted out when you complete the course.

You will learn and implement the basics of digital marketing in each and every chapter. Not just you but over 1000 bloggers who are taking up the course along with you.

I am now 75 days into the course and I have learned a good load of new and exciting things from Deepak. Many of my friends have an innate desire to start writing and documenting their experiences in the form of a blog.

And this is a perfect place to learn from the experts and take your blog on a global scale. For more details about this course, please visit the website and you can register by paying here.

Here’s a short overview of the topics this course will be covering:

● How to Find a Perfect and Profitable Niche for Your Blog…
● Picking the Right Domain Name for Your Site…
● How to Create the Best Content for Your Site…
● Where and How to Find Images for Your Blog
● Generating blog post ideas that guarantee you’ll never worry about what to write…
 Google Analytics: How to Setup Traffic Stats on Your Blog…
● How to Format Your Blog Posts to Get Them Read…
Social Media Tools: The Best Tools for Automation and Growth…
● Social Media: How to Access and Influence 2 Billion Social Users…
Social Media Sharing: How to Get More Social Shares …
● Building a Massive and Profitable Mailing List…
Guest Blogging: How to Get Exposure on Authority Sites…
● The Importance of Networking & Making Connections
● Creating Call-to-Actions: Getting Your Audience to Convert
● How to Get Media Exposure for Your Blog…
Outsourcing: Content, Promotion and Social Media Marketing…
● Google Adsense: How to Make Your First Dollar Blogging…
Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money Blogging…
● How to Build Your Personal Branding, Position Yourself as an Expert and Achieve Career Growth…
● How to Create Products That Sell Like Hot Cakes
● Plus much more…

The lessons are delivered through a learning management system and you can log in and watch the lessons at the comfort of your home/office. You also have the option to download the videos so that you can binge watch them.

100 Day Blogging Course - Review

Snapshot of the 100-day blogging course LMS

However, I prefer to use the LMS and I implement what I learn in the video at the same time on my blog in a different tab. This way, you can experiment and refer the video for any queries.


  • Simple and easy to understand video lessons documenting every little task that is done to make the blog better.
  • Bonus lessons on request for complex tasks which needs more clarity
  • An amazing Facebook group with wonderful 2500+ bloggers who jump in to help you whenever you face any issue whatsoever.
  • Excellent Feedback Mechanism through active polls on Facebook Group.
  • ‘Ask Me Anything’ from Experts like Pardeep Goyal on FB Group which threw a lot of light on Content Marketing. I am sure there is more to come.
  • Very light on the wallet in terms of Pricing and the value given is 100x more ( Cost of a movie plus lunch with your family)
  • Self-paced learning through a Learning Management System and it serves as a ready reckoner for any doubts.
  • Pocket-friendly hosting packs by partners of Deepak Kanakaraju. VisualCloudX which is run by Nitin Agarwal is my favorite pick and hosting plans start as low as 99 INR per month.
  • Great learnings from fellow bloggers from unique niches.
  • You can consider this as a course or as a challenge – both ways it’s a win.
  • Planned city based meetups with students of the program like the one below in Bangalore.



  • 100 days have passed a while back and yet we have finished around 75 lessons only. There were a few bonus videos though apart from the daily lessons.
  • The delay in the lessons created unrest now and then amongst the members but Deepak provided value through study materials and free lessons in various other domains in digital marketing.

I am extremely thankful for this amazing course and I am so looking forward to what we accomplish as a group.

Happy Blogging 🙂

P.S: For everything related to Digital Marketing, you can join this awesome Facebook group which has over 80000 marketers from across the globe.  Shoot any question here and prepare to be surprised.


SunNXT – Website/App Review


With the rising growth in the percentage of internet consumption amongst the millennials, there is still room in the OTT (Over the Top) segment and SunNXT is the latest one in the market after Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

We could guess it from the curiosity driving ads that they telecasted every now and then. Perks of having an array of TV channels which collectively commands a great TRP all through these years, they went all out with their ads.

It’s a great time to enter this space as everyone is aware of how it works right now – thanks to their competitors who started their race early. So time and money are not needed from Sun Network to make people understand the product.

So what does it have?

All the channels in the network streamed live – check

All the movies whose TV rights they have purchased – check

All the video songs that you watch on their channels – check

Tamil Videosongs - SunNXT - HD videosongs SunNXT

All the comedy clips they play endlessly on their channels – check

All the soaps your grandparents like – check

(All the above) in all the South Indian Languages – check

What I loved?

  • The categorization is one of the best that I liked here. It’s like they know what you are there for. They have got the best titles categorised according to their genres.
  • One of the best things I liked is the 90’s Movies part. It has got all the movies that you sit down and watch on TV because you don’t get to have them on your hard disk and truth be told, we all grew up watching these movies over and over again.
  • So to put them all together under an umbrella, I am sure it will get more traffic than the recent blockbusters. There are many TV channels now that can buy the satellite rights of the current crop of movies but in the 90s, almost all the movies went straight to the SUN group and we sat down as a family and watched movies on Saturday and Sunday.
  • As I scrolled down and down, I could find many classics that my dad would enjoy – starring the greats MGR, Sivaji Ganesan, Gemini, Muthuraman and more. I am sure they will be adding a lot more titles very soon.
  • The comedy section has clips in abundance categorised alphabetically for you to choose your favourites. A lot of work has gone into making the user experience, a breeze.
  • The iOS app is amazingly fast and is available to use in all the South Indian Languages. So it’s a win there too. Available on Android too.

Value for Money: A free trial for 30 days and subscription starts from as low as INR 50 a month post the free trial.

SunNXT App Review - Subscription Rates

So go ahead and take it for a drive – SunNXT here.

Bonus tip:

If you are a 90’s kid and you love reading, check this collection.






Customer Experience Lessons from my all-time favorite Street Vendor


If you are living in South India especially in Tamilnadu, you will be able to identify this item below that brings instant joy to our taste buds.


Mushroom masala aka “Kaalaan”

1. Greet, Smile and Say the Name

I used to frequent this shop since I was in school. I have reached this shop using three different vehicles so far – bicycle, bike, and car but his response has always been the same.

The first words I hear ” Sundarrrr ”

We have all read stories on how showroom managers or car dealers judge you by your attire, the car you drive and more when you walk in. But this man treats a school kid, college guy, and an office-goer the same way.

I take my friends along to introduce them to this place and they are often pleasantly surprised about how he welcomes me.

2. Engage in Conversations

While the dish is being prepared, he is not only focused on the cooking but also engages with the customers asking about their kids and siblings and why they haven’t brought them along.

There have been instances where he has introduced me to random people saying that I have been frequenting his place loyally for more than 10 years. They smile, say hi and start talking about our mutual friend who is busy cooking for us.

He also tells me about my friends from school and college who had visited him in the past week or month to have food at his place.

3. Provide Value to every visitor

There have been instances when I got late from work and reached the shop when he was already packing to go back home. But he still unpacks a bit, takes a poori, dips it in spicy syrup (paani) and hands it to me. When you walk up to his wagon, he always gives you something irrespective of whether you are paying or not.

I have seen people refusing the free poori but he insists and asks them to eat and give feedback on how it is. If they like it, they will be ordering that when they come the next time.

For those outside India, this is how Poori looks


4. Be Honest with your loyal customers when you commit a mistake

Whenever you commit a mistake and you understand that you have disappointed a loyal customer, always confide in them on why you did what you did.

Let’s take an example:

I order something as a takeaway and he starts cooking. Then after a few minutes, a customer walks in and orders the same thing. Once the item is ready, I get ready and take the money to pay but I see him put it on a plate and hand it to the customer who walked in after I ordered the thing.

He looks at me and whispers ” That customer has walked a long distance after college and must be very hungry. Give me five minutes, I will get yours ready ”

He does not stop with that. He bribes me with a pani-puri and I end up smiling. And he adds a lot of freebies than usual in the takeaway pack and gives it to me with a smile.

5. Understanding and acting on Customer Data

I was a big fan of one of his recipes which had egg in it. When I was in school, I used to have that item (” Egg Mushroom Masala “) at least once in a week.

After a couple of years, he changed his location to a residential neighborhood. He quickly realized he was losing out on a lot of footfall because he had eggs in his wagon and most of the residents in that area do not consume egg.

He instantly removed the item from the menu and quickly everyone was comfortable in buying food from him. Though I mention occasionally about how much I miss that particular one, I am happy he earned a truckload of new customers in that locality.


No formal MBA or training, not an avid reader of sales and marketing self-help books but this person is a master in keeping his customers happy.

Customer Experience Lessons from Streetfood vendor

The Genius and my favorite street food vendor Pandiyan 🙂

There is so much to learn from the people we meet every day.





The Ultimate Guide to understanding what your wife says

Understanding what your wife says

 All the other ultimate guides to Marketing, Analytics, Sales, Hacking will help you at work. But this guide is created keeping every husband’s survival at home.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Ever wondered why many countries are focussing on Mars expeditions, but not even one is even thinking about getting to Venus. It’s because it’s hard to understand the expectations of women on earth and it will be next to impossible to understand the Venus inhabitants 🙂

We will look at various scenarios where you the husband feel you have gone the extra mile in making something happen but your wife will come and question,

“ What has happened? “

What she says: Clean the room

What she expects you to do: Pick up everything that’s lying on the floor and sort them according to where they belong, sweep the place and if possible, mop the place clean.


What you do: Pick up everything that’s lying on the floor and put them all together in some other place/room at an eye level so that she does not ask you to clean that room. Go back to the original room that you just cleaned and convince yourself that it is clean. Pick one object that you have found out from your cleaning adventures, relive the memories about the object and walk to her to share the same with her and she asks you ” Have you cleaned the room? ”

What she says: Make dosas for me today

What she expects you to do: Make dosas for her that day.


What you do: Struggle to make the first dosa and blame the tawa. Try your best to take it in bits and pieces and sweep the bits and pieces under the stove praying that she will not find out. Trash the first dosa because it did not come properly or gulp it depending on how much survived your culinary skills.

Then get creative and think of making a heart-shaped dosa clearly forgetting that when a circle did not work, the heart will not work either. The heart breaks and your heart breaks and you can hear her approaching you and your heart beats faster and you start making a fresh dosa and she gives one look and goes back to what she is doing.

Sometime in the afternoon, she shouts, “ Come here” from the kitchen and you know she found the dosa bits from under the stove.

What she says: Switch on the TV

What she expects you to do: Switch on the TV, switch to AV mode and pick a music channel that she can listen to from wherever she is and adjust the volume to an extent that reaches her ears but not the neighbors’.

What you do: Switch on the TV and go back to your computer making her listen to endless tele-ads of Dual SIM phone at 999 or Diabetes tablets or Sauna slim belts in Hindi.

What she says: Let’s watch a movie before we sleep

What she expects you to do: Pick one movie each in the following genres – Animation, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Romance. Watch the first 2 minutes in each one and eventually choose the Animation movie to watch.

What you do: Pick a Liam Neeson or Bruce Willis movie and start playing that.


What she says: Nothing to snack at home.

What she expects you to do: Come back from work and take her to the supermarket nearby so that she can buy all things except the one thing she came for. And in the process, walk a few kilometers with her going through all the aisles back and forth wondering what she is looking for, all the time. And while billing, you are expected to wait in the long line while she goes around picking stuff from here and there while you are thinking like a time-bomb if she will reach before you finish the billing. Come back home and open the Health app to discover you have walked for 3 kilometers in the last one hour.


What you do: Buy Cheetos cheese balls and come back home.


What she says: I am not hungry. You order anything you like. I will take little from that.

What she expects you to do: Pass on the menu card and let her decide on that one item that strikes the sweet spot between what you need to eat and what she wants to eat.

What you do: Trust what she said was true and order whatever you feel like only to see her looking at you the strange way when you offer her.

What she says: So tell me. How was your day?

What she expects you to do: Good or bad (1 mark question)

What you do: Start with how you climbed the stairs because the lift was under maintenance, the emails you sent your client and his replies, your boss appreciating you for your recent efforts and giving you a hint on the possible “Employee of the month ” award and your colleague bringing her pup because it was “Bring your pets to work day “.  Then your wife interrupts the conversation with her eyes gleaming and says ” Awwww. What was the puppy’s name? ”

giphy (2)

What she says: I am fine.

What she expects you to do: Ask her the same question half a dozen times and notice the difference in the way ” I am fine ” is said every time. Recall the incidents that happened from the beginning of time to that point of time and try to find that one thing that you did that must have pissed her off. Once you arrive at the answer, check with her for half a dozen times and then she will acknowledge that it’s the one. Apologize for your mistake and you are free.


What you do: Say ” I am also fine ” and laugh at that silly joke yourself and proceed to watch IPL

Disclaimer: No men were harmed for sharing their experiences during the making of this article. All resemblances to your personal life are strictly coincidental.

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Brands that piggybacked on Baahubali – The Conclusion


One of the most important aspects for the success of a marketing campaign is the timing. Your message, your execution, and the product contribute to the success of the campaign but perfect timing of the campaign can propel the success to a different level altogether.

The whole of India was awaiting the final part of Baahubali movie and it is a no-brainer for brands to associate with the magnum opus. Let me take you through some of the campaigns I liked, this Baahubali season.

  1. Pothys  



This ad tops my list and they perfected the timing with the release of the movie. The world was waiting to know the answer to a question

” Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? ”

So the character of Kattappa had a lot of attention and eyeballs. Casting Ramya Krishnan almost retaining the same hairstyle and makeup alongside Sathyaraj is the master move here. This lead to a lot of viral articles on the lines of ” Did you just see Kattappa romancing with Ramya Krishnan ”

Pothys has cast Sathyaraj in their previous ads for Madurai launch here and Coimbatore launch here in the royal set and storyline but casting Ramya Krishnan made all the difference.

A simple google search ” Kattappa and Ramya Krishnan ” gives us the following results.

And the icing on the cake was ” This was the first ad after the movie breaks for the interval in most of the theaters”. That means it has got the maximum eyeballs and the people who haven’t seen the ad earlier will watch this and then proceed to buy popcorn.

Pothys ad featuring Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan uploaded from his official channel – 102,000 views

Pothys ad featuring Sathyaraj and Ramya Krishnan – 1.252,569 views

Result: Massive reach for the advertisement through word of mouth, internet click-bait articles and memes.

2. Britannia


The thumbnail arouses the interest to watch the video. For the folks in Tamilnadu, there was a different ad used by Britannia for the product Milk Bikis which stuck to the proven template of meeting the hero of the movie as a reward for the contest.

3. Kishkinta


A little late to the party but one of the best spoof ads in the recent times. Though plot of the ad is inspired majorly from the first part of Baahubali, it does not deter the reach by any means. Its encouraging to note that brands are thinking beyond celebrities and trusting the new age Youtube stars to pull off an entertaining video. Great stuff from Mirror Myth.

4. Paytm

It is not everyday you see a leading app like Paytm changing an icon in its mobile app dedicated to a movie.


It may be a small change in the app but the customers feel their expectations are understood and it puts a smile. Paytm also ran a contest – For the customers who book and watch Baahubali – The Beginning (which was re-released and was running to packed houses just before the release of the sequel), there was a 100% cashback for the latest movie when they book the tickets.

5) Nestle Munch

Nestle Munch has come firing on all cylinders and everything from the packaging, contests, stickers, mobile app, consumer promotions were checked out. You can check out a detailed a video about the same below.


6. Mahindra TUV300

Mahindra TUV300 stuck to the basics with an ad and a contest to win tickets to the epic movie. The forts, the deserts and the feel of the ad must be intentionally done to remind you of the movie and make you participate in the contest to win tickets.

And our all time favorite Amul did not miss out on the opportunity either.



This goes on to prove that when the timing for the campaign is right, the organic reach of the marketing message will be many folds higher than normal. Please let me know if I have missed out on any interesting campaigns around Baahubali 2.

P.S: This blogpost is also timed perfectly 🙂

How to Sell without Selling?


Modern mankind can smell a sales pitch from miles away. Every person in the world sells something to someone at some point in time.

Whether it’s a little boy who is convincing his dad to buy him ice cream in return for finishing the homework on time or one of your friends who talks you all into cycling to a far off lemonade stand instead of the one nearby just for the quantity served, a sale has happened in both the cases.

Thanks to telecallers who promise something on the call and deliver something else to customers after taking their money, the word “Sales” has clearly lost its trust. So whenever you meet a sales person, you are under the impression that he/she is just there to take your money.

The solution to this perennial problem is not rocket science. It is to put value first before money. That’s the reason why all the leading SaaS startups give you a free trial before they ask for a penny. Not just Startups, even LinkedIn offers the taste of a premium account or a Learning feature free for a month so that you experience it and then take a decision on whether your life or business is better off without it.

This will work like a dream for product companies but for services, providing value first almost means putting work first before getting paid which will affect the business. Here are the recommended steps for service -based startups to sell without selling.

1. Study their Buying Patterns

Understanding customer’s buying patterns is smart work and yields more results. Most of the big firms finalize their vendors before / just after the start of the financial year. Creating a good first impression during that time can give you an edge over your competitors.

When your lead’s competitor has just spent a significant sum in a service similar to what you offer, then it’s the right time to show your lead what you are capable of.

If you are a small business owner, being available to take a message or chat 24/7 on your website is a major win. Use Jivochat or Zopim.

Right place at the right time scores big time.

2. Knowledge 

It is easy to sell when you are perceived as an expert in the domain by your target audience. This explains the surge in firms looking for speaking opportunities as avenues of Marketing to take their product/service to a bigger audience.

Create speaking opportunities amongst your circles. Whatever you learn running your business, put it together in the form of a presentation and share it with newbie entrepreneurs or fellow entrepreneurs. You will be surprised to find the amount of value that you would have added to their lives.

Sharing best practices with fellow entrepreneurs is often a two-way street. The more you give, the more you will get back. The secret is to give without expectations. Before you know it, there will be a big group of people who will recommend your services in their circle like they have worked with you for years.

Only good thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.

3. Patience

Patience is the most important skill that will take you places in your Sales journey. Most of us wait for the due date to pay our bills though we will have money to pay from the day the bill arrived. We are all wired that way. Whenever you pursue a lead, they will take their own sweet time to convert. But when they have a requirement and reach out to you, you will have time to only say yes.

 The moment you run out of patience, even your emails/text messages will reflect that you are rushing the customer into making a decision. Always remember there are many other leads whom you can focus on and eventually the older leads will come back to you.

Your sale is under construction and you can wait with a good attitude.

4. Build the Relationship

After you have exchanged pleasantries and got their interest, understand the exact pain points of the lead by engaging in a conversation. If you have the right service that solves it, then it’s time to check if the lead has the resources to pay for the product.

It’s not wise to ask anyone how much they earn but you can always ask them how much they are willing to pay to solve the problem at hand. If you can arrive at a number that works for you and the customer, the deal is through.

Asking the right questions to understand more will always be appreciated.

Customers love the straight shooters.

5. Be a trustworthy confidante/friend

Once you have brought in the business, check with the customer now and then as to how happy he/she is through the process.

If you can solve his / her problems by working with your team, you become their go-to-guy whenever his friends / his family have a similar requirement.

The way they refer you to their friends will change from “ I know a person who does this“ to “ I have a friend who is the right person for this“

It’s always easier to get more business from the same customer than acquiring a new customer.

People always buy from people.

People buy from people whom they can trust. It’s not only about the price every time. But it’s always about the people.

Think of your last few buying decisions and you will see it.

Good luck.

Understanding Jallikattu and why thousands are protesting against the ban?


There are hundreds of articles and videos that explain why Jallikattu is important in more ways than one. Yet there are many Indian millennials who aren’t aware of why there is so much activity against the ban of a sport that has been in place for centuries together.



Jallikattu at Alanganallur. Picture Credits : Naviin Prabhu

This is not only about the sport, festival or the tradition –  but it’s also about letting go of something that has been with us for centuries together.

For starters, it is important to understand the rules of #Jallikattu


The above rules clearly indicate that there are very strict regulations in place to protect the bulls from being harmed.

A1 vs A2 – Type of Milk

The native Indian cows produce milk which is of the A2 variety. It has A2 beta-casein, the protein that body can absorb quickly and has no side effects.

However, the foreign breeds produce milk which is of the A1 variety. Research across the globe has proved that A1 milk has been related to Autism, Diabetes, indigestion and even schizophrenia. The A1 protein releases BCM -7 which is an opioid (A substance that affects the nervous system).

Nature is designed by god in such a way that the easiest way to wipe off a breed is to either remove the male ones or female ones completely so that the reproduction stops and new off-springs are not born of the same breed. Understanding this is very important as it plays a major part in this situation.

There were 130 or so cattle breeds in India 100 years ago and now there are only 37. Tamil Nadu had six cattle breeds earlier and now we have lost the Alambadi breed. The remaining breeds are Kangayam, Pulikulam, Umbalachery, Barugur and Malai Maadu.

So if the existing Indian breeds get wiped out, gradually the dairy market would be controlled by the foreign breeds and their owners. The foreign breeds are not accustomed to the tropical climate and their primary purpose is for milk production.

Large multinational companies can step into the largest market of the world, take their shares in the dairy pie and make billions in profits as they will control the supply and the demand of milk in the country.

Milk which is currently selling at around 50 per litre will reach anywhere between 120 – 150 sooner than we think if we stay silent right now. And the worst part, we would be paying huge for drinking A1 milk that has numerous side effects.


Jallikattu – Origins (Source)

Imagine this scene a few thousand years ago in the Indus Valley region. A group of herders out grazing a few hundred cattle, enjoying the warm sun on their backs with the occasional cry of a calf seeking its mother and the mother guiding it. The whole herd is on the move as the lazy day passes by.

Suddenly a bull decides to run astray. With wild animals lurking, there is the danger of the herd breaking up into smaller groups. A young herder emerges and chases the bull. Bulls being males high on testosterone run quite fast and finally the herder catches up with it. He lunges forward and holds onto the hump of the bull. The hump is a unique feature of Bos Indicus cattle. He manages to hold onto the hump, slowing the bull down and finally stopping it. He leads it back to the herd.

Now imagine this scene repeated on a daily basis and the herders sharing the story with the villagers when they pen the cattle for the night. Over time, the skill of embracing the hump to slow the bull down is celebrated and contests are held to showcase the skill. This is called Eru Thazhuvuthalmeaning ‘Embracing a Bull’. Indus Valley civilisation is known for being one of the most advanced and sophisticated amongst its contemporaries. The sport of Eru Thazhuvathal is celebrated so much that they decide to make a seal depicting the same.

During the rule of the Nayak kings, gold coins, wrapped in a piece of cloth were tied to the horns, and the tackler hung on to the hump of the bull and untied the knot to get at the prize. Jalli/salli means ‘coins’, and kattu is ‘tied’. A small bag of coins was tied to the horns of the bulls, which the players claimed as a prize. The only way you could do that was to embrace the hump of the bull long enough to grab the bag without getting hit.

Now a token cloth is tied in the horns which the tackler collects as a trophy. The focal point of the event is the vaadi vaasal, the entrance. The bulls are let through this entrance, into the track, where the players wait. The track is usually the main street of the village, with the side lanes blocked. The event begins with the visit of village elders, led by a band drummer, to the temple of the village deity. The Koyil Kaalai (temple bull) of the host village is allowed first and as a mark of respect and gratitude to the host village, players allow it a free run and don’t touch it. Today, educated youngsters from these villages are also involved in the rearing of bulls and participate in the sport. All classes of people and all castes take part in Jallikattu. There is an egalitarian perspective where it’s humans and their cattle, nothing more nothing less.

Why Jallikattu is more than just a sport? 

Decades ago, bulls were used for ploughing the land. Its dung was used as a natural manure to the crops. Then the tractors came into existence that delivered increased productivity. So this use case of bulls being used for farming is fading away day by day.

Stud bulls are reared by people for Jallikattu. The ones that win are much in demand for mating with the cows to produce healthy offsprings. Jallikattu is the show where bulls are brought and exhibited. The ones which are most agile (and virile) are preferred by farmers. The calves from such bulls are in demand.

The intricate connect between these events and farming can be seen from the chronological order in which showcase events like jallikattu happen first, then the shandies(A countryside market) and then the main farming season starts. Once harvest is done, farmers take their bulls to participate in such events over the next few months; spectators and visitors make a note of the top bulls and seek them out in sandhais (cattle shandies/markets) which happen from December till April all over Tamil Nadu. The calves and bulls are bought for jallikattu and some of their offsprings will be castrated and used as draught animals in transport/farming.

Now :

Not every farmer can raise or train a bull to contest in Jallikattu. Not every bull is forced to participate in Jallikattu.

Imagine raising a boy who loves dancing right from his childhood.You being the parent train him with your full capacity. And the D-day comes where he has to contest against other contestants in dancing. Just before he enters the stage, will you pat him good luck or poke him with a knife / sharp object so that he starts performing with rage.

Sounds stupid right? This is exactly the reason cited by PETA to ban a tradition that is part of the ecosystem.

Here goes a first-hand account of Selvam who has raised a bull for Jallikattu (Source)

The sale of bulls started after Pongal, and now Selvam is one of the few bull owners left in Alaganallur. Jallikattu bulls are in high demand due to the quality of their flesh.

Selvam says more than 300 jallikattu bulls have been sold in the past week alone in the Sunday cattle markets of Vadipatti and Melur near Madurai. “The price of the bulls has come down to Rs 30,000-50,000 from more than Rs 2 lakh,” he says.

Many sent them away crying. In most homes, the bulls shared living quarters with family members and were not even kept in cattle sheds.

Another well-documented article on what’s happening right now to bulls due to the ban and the importance of Jallikattu and native breeds.

If the bulls are raised and trained for Jallikattu, they are brought up like they are one of the family members or Gods in the villages. To know more about them, please watch the videos below.


Every time we cannot expect to see our favourite heroes fighting social evils in movies and you go back home thinking how the hero fought against all odds to restore what’s good over evil.

Now is the time to voice out your support for a tradition, for an activity, for a sport, for a way of life which has been with us for generations together and if we let it die, it is one of the greatest sins we would be committing in our lifetime.

It’s heartening to see the peaceful protests in different parts of the state where the youth have shown solidarity and purpose without an external push/motivation but only for preserving what’s been a part of life.

More power to them and let’s together #SaveJallikattu