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I have rarely seen him vent his feelings on the field. I am not a big fan of Dhoni but considering the lash by the media recently, here I am. There are a lot of reasons why i respect Dhoni as a cricketer and as a person who carries a billion hopes when he pads up every time. We need him to keep wickets for 50 odd overs, think of a strategy to take down the opponent also hit every ball out of the park. When he hit 183 and 148 he was certainly not under any pressure.

A trademark Indian Cricket fan always wants India to win every other match but when it turns out to be otherwise he switches the TV off and goes back to bed thinking when would India get back to winning ways. After two days, without any thought about the previous match he enjoys the next match. After all its just a game. But the media with its own dark ways to increase the circulation, takes on one man. Before seven years it was either Sachin or Ganguly. Now it is MSD. Their next target would be Virat for he has been at his fiery best recently and we are able to hear things like the next captain already.

After every victory , a punch in the air and he walks graciously towards the cameras to give credit to the team. No Indian captain would have gone with Joginder Sharma for the last over or opened the bowling with Ashwin. In a game of 20 – 20 where a player number 9 can hit 40 odd runs, ¬†anything can happen and its certainly not in the captain’s hands. But I am proud of the Indian fans who have come a long way from pelting at the players’ houses to patiently venting out on Facebook.

Another ploy that the media effectively uses is the question – Dada or Dhoni ? And then comments start pouring as to who is the best and why he is the greatest. I have a strong feeling that i have infuriated a Dada fan by now. And the media will be happily watching the number of hits soaring high and our guys comment so furiously like they have been questioned about something really sensitive. Noone remembers Kapil Dev who led a mediocre team against the formidable West Indies. If its not for the English lesson in the higher secondary, Indians would have forgotten Kapil by now.

Anything against the government may put the media personnel behind bars these days and so they have chosen their domain to attack . I am just waiting for the day when a cricketer hits back at the media pointing out their approach.

Before you EXPECT more from the captain you need to show some RESPECT.

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  1. The ‘its just a game’ line is really true. But you also hav got to realize that for the team they live the game almost as much as each of the cricketeers themselves..!!

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