Punch Dialogue – A Case Study2 min read


I began to wonder about when this trend started. This has become an integral part of Indian Cinema. For a few months I thought it was only prevalent in Tamil Movies but it is something that is omnipresent through out the nation. As soon as i say Punch dialogue, everyone remembers one of their funny heroes and their punch dialogues. Smile to yourself.

Why the name ‘ Punch Dialogue’ ? It might be because the dialogue is usually followed by a punch( or a kick not necessarily a left footed kick) that leaves the miscreants flying in the air leaving a huge puff of dust around the hero who walks through the same without coughing.

There is something in common when every punch dialogue is delivered. Unlike other dialogues in the movie, this one has a certain way in which it has to be delivered. The hero has to stand still, look into the eye of the villain and complete the procedure and of course combined with a strong back ground score / silence. When this deed is done, either of the below things might happen

1. There will be a ‘ Yeiiiii’ sound resonating from the Villain and the hero will do what he is good at.

2. There will be this one rogue from the villain’s side running towards the hero from the back and the hero’s elbow would suffice.

3. The Villain might change into a better person leaving the audience laughing

4. Villain will have a counter punch dialogue to answer the hero ( These days they do need one – they cannot get hit all the time )

Initially it was just one dialogue that the hero repeats all through the movie but these days they have come up with different flavors according to the situation. In a few movies when the hero delivers the lines, in the backdrop a few buildings and mountains explode. I mean seriously? What wrong did they do.

Next time you see a movie with punch dialogues, all that you can do is just feel sorry for the villain who must have listened to that many a times during the shoot 🙂

1 thought on “Punch Dialogue – A Case Study2 min read

  1. Hahahaha!!! Even I used to wonder about these things! But just take a guess as to where it started from???
    Remember the movie TERMINATOR?
    Remember the dialogue??? “I Am Back” and all of us where hooting and clapping for it?

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