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This blog is for all the people who have exhibited symptoms of Cynophobia in the past and the present. Even after the Hutch ads I still fear dogs no matter what breed and what height. Every fear has a beginning like in the Batman series, the hero eventually overcomes the same becoming the Batman. Sadly when one is scared of dogs there is no other choice ( Nolan is not gonna make a movie about a dog man)

Here I am, presenting my awesome nah awful experiences that I have had with the man’s best friend – sadly am a man and it is definitely not my best friend.

The history dates back to the time when I was 7 years old. Those days there was no DTH so that you cannot sit with the remote in hand and navigate through the channels that you have no clue about. So when my mom wanted me to check whether there was cable reception in the neighborhood since it wasn’t there in our house, I went to the next house and knocked the gate.

There was an old man who was in his late sixties who opened the gate and let me in. There are a lot of advantages being a kid. You will be let into every other house in the neighborhood without any hassle. But when you grow up neighbors see the guy next door as a potential heart throb and they tend to be little more hostile. Sadly the growing up part did not happen much to me and there was no hottie next door as well.

Coming back to the story, I went into the house and asked the aunty what my mom wanted me to and returned back to the door. Little did I know that apart from the grandpa who let me in there was also a silent spectator watching me closely. Compared to the Pomeranian that you see these days which just barks and revolves around a fixed radius, the dog that I saw was more active and more importantly – gaining a steady acceleration.

Right before me was the 5 foot tall gate and the grandpa was nowhere nearby. In the  next few seconds i was climbing the gate at a brisk pace out of the fear and i jumped on the other side.I kept rolling on the road continuously until i came to a stop hitting a tree. Bruises all over. I am pretty sure even if i had been bitten by the small dog i wouldn’t be that injured.

This is why i am still not comfortable with the man’s best friend. Based on my observations in these long years, I would like to mention something. One thing that is very crucial is your eye contact. Never look into the eye of the dog that you see on the road. The moment you have done that, it is chase @ first sight. There have been days when i have biked an extra kilometer to avoid a dog waiting to run behind a bike. I am sure we have all held our legs high when these dogs chase you through the streets.

Maybe dogs are the sweetest

Dogs vs me

but they are choosy in making friends 🙂

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