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Coimbatore – the place to be


There are many reasons why i love Coimbatore. In a city which has the second largest population only next to Chennai but we do not have metros to commute around. We can peacefully take a bus and reach wherever we want to.

If you take an auto, the first thing you would notice is the respect Р they show to you and the fellow drivers in the city. They do not freak you out by making you feel like you are a part of Fast and Furious franchise. They drive slow and talk to you politely which is very rare these days.

The water is the tastiest that you can get in the country. When you go to some other city and have water, you tend to look at the water once more and the place around you and realize you are far from Coimbatore. The experience of drinking water in Coimbatore can be as memorable as any other thing for some one visiting the city.

The climate does not make you reach your hankys that often except when you have a running nose. A walk in the rain in race course will tell you how good the climate in the city is.

We have just two malls with around 11 screens in total and it is more than enough for us as of now. It is just so good that you can walk in to the theatre to watch a movie and you actually can watch one without being turned down by the ticket vendors. It is how it has to be. Now that there are gonna be two more malls coming up in the next year, its gonna be even more easier.

It is the only where there are more entrepreneurs than doctors or engineers. This city has it in its blood. Anyone born or living here for quite some time tend to have inherent capabilities to lead or break out of normalcy. We feel proud to call ourselves entrepreneurs rather than businessmen. Anyone who comes to Coimbatore with an idea or a recipe can thrive here and get world famous.

I still remember my dad getting Mysurpa @ Sri Krishna Sweets whenever we visit our family living outside my city. Annapoorna’s Sambhar will be remembered for ages and even when you pass the road, you can feel the incense in the air.

Yeah we do not have beaches where we can spend our weekends with friends but we do have this great affinity towards arts that we go to plays, listen to concerts and enjoy story telling as well.

Talking about the education, PSG has carved a niche for itself and it is known globally. Though Engineering has become a bit of a trend these days, the colleges ensure that the students have a good exposure through symposiums and conferences.

I would have left many other reasons but every person living in Coimbatore has a lot to cherish about the city.

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