100 Day Blogging Course by Deepak Kanakaraju – Review

Learn Blogging in 100 Days

I have been a blogger for over 6 years now and that is something that I will do forever. The major challenge for any blogger is to come up with what to write about every time you log in to your blog. Age old advice is to zero in on a niche and start building content.

We have a lot of tools that are aimed to help startups, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. There are best practices when it comes to everything.

What if you are guided by a seasoned blogger who has written over 200 quality articles in the domain of Digital Marketing? Last month, I found about this course in a Facebook group dedicated to Digital Marketers here.

Learn Blogging in 100 Days

Deepak Kanakaraju is a well known digital marketing expert who has headed Digital Marketing in major Startups and he has trained thousands of professionals in this domain. He has come up with this unique and intensive course where he builds a blog from scratch and documents the same in video lessons.

All you need to do is to identify your niche and start a blog and follow what he does for 100 days exactly and I am sure your blogging journey will be sorted out when you complete the course.

You will learn and implement the basics of digital marketing in each and every chapter. Not just you but over 1000 bloggers who are taking up the course along with you.

I am now 75 days into the course and I have learned a good load of new and exciting things from Deepak. Many of my friends have an innate desire to start writing and documenting their experiences in the form of a blog.

And this is a perfect place to learn from the experts and take your blog on a global scale. For more details about this course, please visit the website and you can register by paying here.

Here’s a short overview of the topics this course will be covering:

● How to Find a Perfect and Profitable Niche for Your Blog…
● Picking the Right Domain Name for Your Site…
● How to Create the Best Content for Your Site…
● Where and How to Find Images for Your Blog
● Generating blog post ideas that guarantee you’ll never worry about what to write…
 Google Analytics: How to Setup Traffic Stats on Your Blog…
● How to Format Your Blog Posts to Get Them Read…
Social Media Tools: The Best Tools for Automation and Growth…
● Social Media: How to Access and Influence 2 Billion Social Users…
Social Media Sharing: How to Get More Social Shares …
● Building a Massive and Profitable Mailing List…
Guest Blogging: How to Get Exposure on Authority Sites…
● The Importance of Networking & Making Connections
● Creating Call-to-Actions: Getting Your Audience to Convert
● How to Get Media Exposure for Your Blog…
Outsourcing: Content, Promotion and Social Media Marketing…
● Google Adsense: How to Make Your First Dollar Blogging…
Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money Blogging…
● How to Build Your Personal Branding, Position Yourself as an Expert and Achieve Career Growth…
● How to Create Products That Sell Like Hot Cakes
● Plus much more…

The lessons are delivered through a learning management system and you can log in and watch the lessons at the comfort of your home/office. You also have the option to download the videos so that you can binge watch them.

100 Day Blogging Course - Review

Snapshot of the 100-day blogging course LMS

However, I prefer to use the LMS and I implement what I learn in the video at the same time on my blog in a different tab. This way, you can experiment and refer the video for any queries.


  • Simple and easy to understand video lessons documenting every little task that is done to make the blog better.
  • Bonus lessons on request for complex tasks which needs more clarity
  • An amazing Facebook group with wonderful 2500+ bloggers who jump in to help you whenever you face any issue whatsoever.
  • Excellent Feedback Mechanism through active polls on Facebook Group.
  • ‘Ask Me Anything’ from Experts like Pardeep Goyal on FB Group which threw a lot of light on Content Marketing. I am sure there is more to come.
  • Very light on the wallet in terms of Pricing and the value given is 100x more ( Cost of a movie plus lunch with your family)
  • Self-paced learning through a Learning Management System and it serves as a ready reckoner for any doubts.
  • Pocket-friendly hosting packs by partners of Deepak Kanakaraju. VisualCloudX which is run by Nitin Agarwal is my favorite pick and hosting plans start as low as 99 INR per month.
  • Great learnings from fellow bloggers from unique niches.
  • You can consider this as a course or as a challenge – both ways it’s a win.
  • Planned city based meetups with students of the program like the one below in Bangalore.



  • 100 days have passed a while back and yet we have finished around 75 lessons only. There were a few bonus videos though apart from the daily lessons.
  • The delay in the lessons created unrest now and then amongst the members but Deepak provided value through study materials and free lessons in various other domains in digital marketing.

I am extremely thankful for this amazing course and I am so looking forward to what we accomplish as a group.

Happy Blogging 🙂

P.S: For everything related to Digital Marketing, you can join this awesome Facebook group which has over 80000 marketers from across the globe.  Shoot any question here and prepare to be surprised.


WordPress reviews my blog for the year 2015


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,600 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Power of being together


Whenever you are surrounded by the ones you love, even the hardest of times in your life will take an early exit.

It was February 18, 2010 and I was biking to the bus stop where I usually take the bus to college. I was in my third year of Engineering back then and I had my internal examinations on that day.

On my way there was a four corner and I saw a omni car approaching towards the center from the right and it had a speed breaker on its way. I wanted to go straight and I increased the acceleration. The result was a nasty collision and a dislocation in my right leg.

I underwent a minor surgery ( atleast that’s how the docs called it then) and I was at the hospital for more than a week or so. In a couple of days, all of my friends from my class had come to visit me.

There were more than 40 in number and my parents kept guard outside to signal us incase the sound levels went higher. I still remember my dad saying to me that it was like a carnival and the corridor outside my room was filled with footwear. This day I felt very special and my heart became very light without worrying about anything.

I haven’t told this to anyone but after their visit, I felt my body was coping well to the medicine and I was discharged quickly. So much for the power of loved ones when they are around.

Then came the next big challenge – To start walking ( Walking normally comes later )

That’s when my parents, brother and grandparents made sure that I walk with them daily on a very regular basis. Sometimes I would just prefer to lie on bed and watch movies but my grandpa would come in to the room and ask me to walk with him.

A year back from now, he underwent a surgery and he was too weak to walk normally. I made him walk in the corridors of the hospital. That moment I recollected the days when he was doing just that for me for more than a month.

So I was able to walk using a crutch in a month since I was discharged. I was ready to go to college but I had to stay in hostel as I could not travel by College bus daily.

How I wish there was Housing back then. We could have rented a nice place near my college easily.

Unfortunately my friends’ room in hostel where I was supposed to stay was in third floor. Though they were ready to shift their room to the ground floor, I really liked the idea that I would get the practice of climbing the stairs if I took the room in the third floor.

So for all the time I stayed in hostel, I was there in the third floor and I climbed and got down the stairs daily. But I was never left alone. I always had my friends who engaged with me in interesting conversations that helped me forget the pains and make it a normal routine.

Whenever you have your loved ones around and together with you, you get all the strength in the world to do what you love. This was totally true in my life and the above instances stand a testimony for the same.

Little things – Little Introspection – Better Clarity – Lookup and Pursue


My grandmother was a nurse for more than 40 years. Who does a nurse look up to? Since she was not able to become a doctor herself, she transferred the dreams to my mother.

My mother being an ardent fan of Rhyme Scheme said, “ Being your daughter is very easy but becoming a doctor is not that easy” and she transferred that to her first son.

You will become a doctor | You will become a doctor

My grandmother used to tell me these during Pongal, Diwali and New Year and pretty much every time when I touch her feet and get the 100 rupees along with her blessings.

She always wished that I should grow up and become a doctor. For those of you who know me, even the first part of her wish hasn’t come true yet.

I finished my 10th Standard and I chose Biology Group and my grandma said – “ Well begun is half done “. If choosing Biology group is well begun, I am sure there will be equal no of doctors as Engineers.

When I was in 11th STD, I participated in Inter District level Caption Writing Contest. I was shown a room where there were a lot of pictures stuck with numbers. And I have to write captions for all of them. As I had already mentioned, my mother was a fan of TR. Her rhyme scheme somehow found a way into me and when others were walking around the room, I was rocking around the room.

I saw a picture of a  bull with its horns painted during Pongal. I wrote “Today being a bull, I will not be asked to pull “

I saw a picture of a parrot ringing a cycle bell – I wrote “I can tell what you tell and also ring a bell “

Guess what – I came first in Caption Writing amongst five districts. That was the defining moment, I wanted to do something that would help me nurture this newly found talent of mine.

The 12th Std results came. I scored 119 marks in Biology. It was out of 200 and not on 150. Somehow my grandma still believed that I could get a medical seat.

For all of you Engineers seated here, you would have had different reasons to choose Engineering. I had one of the strangest of reasons. My grandpa said

“ You are our first grandson.”

I said, “ Yes “

“ You are their first son “

“ Have to be. Please go ahead “

“How can we put anything other than a doctor or an engineer next to your name in the marriage invitation? You should do Engineering “

My mother was like “Yes. You should do Engineering “

And that got me into Engineering – one of the most sought after courses of the Century. Everybody was becoming an Engineer. Go to the tallest building in any metro or a tier-1 or a tier-2 city and throw a stone down – it will definitely hit an Engineer.

In other countries, if you want to become a musician, you get enrolled in a music school. You wanna become a artist, you get enrolled in a fine arts school. In India whatever you want to become, you do Engineering first and then become what you want to become.

Once I completed my Engineering, I was placed in Infosys. I terminated the contract and started my Startup journey. Its been almost four years now.

Startups are the places where your quirky ideas would be encouraged, your little amount of talents used to the fullest potential and lots of time to learn by doing mistakes.

Here is one of the best rebranding campaigns that I had come across recently. And should I even tell you that it’s from a Startup.

I discussed with my parents and my grandparents and God made sure that they got convinced of what I wanted to do and they have stood by me till now.

Now I work with a leading animation production agency that does killer explainer videos for Startups, MNCs and more.

I am an active Toastmaster for the past four years and that’s where my ideas gets transformed into speeches and I validate them through the received feedback.

The message was quite clear

 Little things that happen in your life when introspected can give you heads up about what you are good at and if you lookup to your heart and pursue what it desires, you will never regret your choices.

And as far as my grandma is concerned, she wants to make sure there is a doctor in the house and now she is looking for a doctor girl to get me married to 🙂


Movie Reviews – The Good, Bad and the Ugly


When I was a kid, I used to go to ( was taken to) theaters once in a month to catch a movie with family. When I joined college, this continued along with one or two other movies every month with friends. Now that I am working, every weekend I catch a movie in the theatres.

Movie Reviews - What is wrong with that?

Movie Reviews – What is wrong with that?

Most of us have the habit of typing out the movie name followed by review every Friday morning around 10 or 11 a.m and land in audience live response page of a website. We skim through the tweets and have a first impression of how the movie is. These are mostly by fans of the lead actor.

Then around 1 or 2 p.m the reviews from the online websites are out. Here is where it gets on my nerves. Let me go through the reasons

  • Spoilers – A review should not reveal any parts of the story. Gone are the days when MGR and Nambiyar acted in a movie, everyone knew MGR was the hero and Nambiyar was the villain. Now this is not the case. Two characters can be friends, friends turned into foes, foes turned into enemies, brothers and what not. When you say X as villain has done great justice to the job, we know who is the villain. Now who is spoiling the experience or thrill?
  • Ratings – We study X Std for a year and write an exam for 500 marks and we study XII Std for a year and get graded out of 1200 marks. But a movie that takes more than a few years to see the light of the day gets graded out of 5 and you are also stingy on that. When you read a movie review that has a rating of 2, we make up our minds automatically that its not worth a watch.
  • Negatives – The scope for improvement is always present but putting that out for everyone to see is really not doing anyone good. I recently read a quote in a hotel that said

” Kurai irundhal engalidam sollungal, nirai irundhal anaivaridamum sollungal “

Translation : If you hated something, tell it to us – If you loved something tell it to everyone

These days I feel reviewers drill, inspect and post mortem the movie to find out the negatives and not the same efforts are put out to identify the positives.

  • Video Reviews – This is the latest trend due to advent of social media and the power of Youtube. This is one of the boldest jobs ever. All the above three points are exhibited here and along with the above, there are jokes, metaphors and suggestions that put a smile on the viewers’ face ( really) but it has its fair share.
  • Logical Loopholes – This is the icing on the cake. Every review has a peek at this. Its totally agreed that movie should have basic logic. But the reason we go to a movie is to enter a different world created by the director and imagining the possibilities that may not happen in our own life.  We leave out our personal worries or emotional luggages. If we need 100% logic in movies, it is just our story once again that we will be watching.
  • 120 Rupees – For starters, this is totally not about RJ Balaji. He used this only to make everyone relate to the experience. I have listened to reviewers who say its not worth 120 bucks. Seriously this 120 thingy did not get auto debited from your account like your credit card bill. You made the decision and there is always something to enjoy in a movie and if you find none, feel free to walk out of theater – Remember Time is Money.

Ok now, why all these rants? You might ask. I do not want to end this here.

As a faithful movie goer and admirer of cinema, I would like to do my bit to change the above. Me and my brother are putting together a website that will list only the positives of every movie in a little more detail than anywhere. No negatives and no ratings. Just read the positives and enjoy the movie.

Or watch the movie and relive the positives by reading the same on our website.

Need all your support to reach out to everyone who loves movies just like you and me.

The website will be up shortly and I will update the same here.


Snapshots from 100th Coimbatore Toastmasters Meeting


100 is  a Special Number. Be it Sachin’s century or someone blessing you for a happy life of 100 years – 100 is awesome. We at Coimbatore Toastmasters Club were awaiting this milestone meeting for weeks together and it was certainly a great start for the Year. Here let’s go through the tit bits of the Meeting.

Coimbatore Toastmasters Welcomes you

Coimbatore Toastmasters Welcomes you

Before the Start of the Meeting

Before the Start of the Meeting

The Venue was the Conference Hall in Hotel Annalakshmi – in the heart of the city. The Chief Guest of the Meeting was Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, JC of Kumaraguru College of Technology and the Guest of Honor was Mr.Ramaswamy Nandagopal, Director of PSG Institute of Management.

Practice leads to perfection. Toastmasters of the Day

Practice leads to perfection. Toastmasters of the Day

Sergeant @ Arms Tm Nivetha welcomed the audience with warm thoughts on the milestone meeting and introduced the President TM Sundaresan to deliver his Presidential Address. He welcomed the guests and toastmasters and gave a brief idea about what Toastmasters was all about and how special is Coimbatore Toastmasters Club being the only club in the cotton city.

A Packed House with people from all walks of life

A Packed House with people from all walks of life

Sergeant @ Arms - TM Nivetha

Sergeant @ Arms – TM Nivetha

Presidential Address by TM Sundaresan

Presidential Address by TM Sundaresan

He passed on the control to TM Shantanu and TM Neethu, the Toastmasters for the evening. They helmed the meeting from start till the end with pleasing smiles and made sure the hall was entertained with their simple yet effective humor. Loved the way they introduced the role takers and Speakers especially TM Veerappan.

Toastmasters of the Day -TM Shantanu and TM Neethu

Toastmasters of the Day -TM Shantanu and TM Neethu

Seasoned Toastmaster TM Nassar was the General Evaluator of the Day and he made the audience comfortable with the roles of the tag team and himself.

TM Nassar - General Evaluator

TM Nassar – General Evaluator

TM Anmol took his ACS P1 from Special Occasion Speeches Manual and what a fitting toast to Entrepreneurship as he is personally stepping into his fourth year in Entrepreneurship.

TM Anmol - ACS P1

TM Anmol – ACS P1

TM Nivetha completed her Competent Communicator with an inspiring speech on Prevention of Killer Disease Cancer and she clearly emphasized the vital points with examples and a personal story.

TM Nivetha - CC P10

TM Nivetha – CC P10

TM Sandheep was the Table Topics Master of the Day and he surprised everyone by inviting the Chief Guest of the day Shri Shankar Vanavarayar for a table topic which he aced with ease.

Table Topics Master - TM Sandheep

Table Topics Master – TM Sandheep

The next was the evaluation which was taken care of by the General Evaluator TM ACB Nassar. The individual evaluators were TM ACB Sivakumar Palaniappan and TM CC Sundaresan for TM Nivetha and TM Anmol respectively.

TM Sameer - Timer for the day

TM Sameer – Timer for the day

TM Guna - Ah Counter

TM Guna – Ah Counter

TM Deepika - Grammarian

TM Deepika – Grammarian

Shri Shankar Vanavarayar addressing our audience

Shri Shankar Vanavarayar addressing our audience

The evaluation was followed by the Chief guest’s address and Coimbatore Toastmasters was fortunate to listen to one of the most inspiring persons from Coimbatore – Shri Shankar Vanavarayar. This address added a whole lot of value to the magnanimity of the Meeting and it was interesting to hear the personal experiences of the Chief guest that was related to Public Speaking.

Newsletter Unveiling by the Chief Guest

Newsletter Unveiling by the Chief Guest

TM Harish had done a splendid job with the Newsletter by collecting our thoughts and shaping them into a compact yet powerful newsletter. He has also promised a monthly newsletter from January 2014.

Founder President TM ACB Sivakumar sharing his Toastmasters Journey

Founder President TM ACB Sivakumar Palaniappan sharing his Toastmasters Journey

Tm ACB Sivakumar Palaniappan shared his personal experiences with Toastmasters and how it shaped him to become a better speaker and a leader.

New Members' Induction to the Club

New Members’ Induction to the Club

We had five new members inducted into the Club on the 100th Meeting and it was a great moment for them being inducted amidst the icons of Coimbatore.

Congratulating the Outgoing Ex-Comm by TM ACB Sivakumar Palaniappan

Congratulating the Outgoing Ex-Comm by TM ACB Sivakumar Palaniappan

Now comes the moment which everyone is waiting for – the new team which is going to take Coimbatore Toastmasters Club to greater heights this term.

The New Ex-Comm Team

The New Ex-Comm Team

From left to right : TM Naren ( Sergeant @ Arms), TM ACB Nassar ( Treasurer), TM Sarveshwaran ( Secretary), TM Rajeesh ( VP – PR), TM Gopal ( VP – Membership),  TM Nivetha ( VP – Education) and wait for it TM Sandheep ( The President of CTC)

Taking the Oath

Taking the Oath

Ex-Comm with the Chief Guest

Ex-Comm with the Chief Guest

We were about to take a group click with all our Toastmaster friends  when we found someone missing – TM Gopal VP Membership had already started performing his duties with the 66 Guests we had on the Meeting Day

TM Gopal - Most Wanted

TM Gopal – Most Wanted

Coimbatore Toastmasters Club

The Coimbatore Toastmasters Club

Smiles Smiles Smiles everywhere

Smiles Smiles Smiles everywhere

Thus the story of the 100 th Meeting comes to an end and the Toastmasters and the Guests who graced the meeting lived happily ever after 🙂