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Let’s put a smile

Everyone likes to be kind – But there are times when we do not know how we can give it back to the world. When we walk around in the neighborhood with our friends, many a times there is a person asking for alms. Sometimes we feel we should give him something, we do not mind searching for coins for the poor guy. But these days, it is the age of the cards and we hardly have notes of 10 or 5 in our wallets, let alone the coins. There are a lot of factors that comes into our mind before we contribute something.

If you take for example of a crowded bus stand, there will be around 25 odd people and there would be only 2 or 3 who give the beggars’ something. Where ever we are , we always take the side of the majority. We do not walk out of our way to give him something. We do not want to be seen as a person who is being cheated by a beggar. A few people even start looking at the skies when they come.

It is always about what others think of us that we forget we can live our life the way we want to. I am no exception, but these days I am beginning to think a little more than before.

In the earlier days, when we used to dine out with family, we used to leave the left overs and start back home. But now there is a wide spread awareness that we should not waste food. The awareness came through posters or mail forwards saying that there are millions of kids who are underfed and we cannot afford to waste food. Though we were not directly contributing to the kids we felt guilty that we started packing them home.

Next time when you pack something, look out for someone who is hungry and looking for food outside the restaurant and hand over the pack to him. For he is gonna have tasty food and also it will send across a sweet message to the restaurant owner to contribute like this way on a regular basis.

I recently came across this post on Facebook.

” A coffee shop somewhere that takes money from willing customers who pay for their coffee as well as hopefully for the needy who will walk right through the door some time later ”  They call it the pending coffee system and there is a LED board which keeps showing the number of pending coffees that are available to the needy.

It is time our restaurants do something like this as well. Coming back to how we can contribute, we often tip the waiters when we check out. Ever wondered how much amount of money would they get at the end of the day by our ever growing tipping habits. It will be definitely times more than your bill for they have got a lot of customers through out their days. Moreover these days, they do not even smile at you when they serve.

You not tipping them will not make a difference to their lives.

But if you safely retain the change that you have got now, you can walk out heads high and give the same to the one who is looking at you hopefully.

Remember this Change can be the CHANGE

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