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Flames – The game changer of the 90’s2 min read

Most of the relationships back in the 90s were decided by a important factor – it was not by how you looked, not by how you behaved, not by how much money you had, not by your friends and definitely not by the books you read ( We hardly read during the childhood ). It was by the greatest invention / theory of all time – Flames

The relationship tool
The relationship tool                  Credit :

For starters, this is not a crude term or the name of a pub but it is something that decided a whole lot of relationships back then. The results of which decided whether you were to be friends/fall in love/get married/be a brother/become an enemy to/with someone. This might sound crazy now but it was definitely a thing then.

F – Friend, L – Love, A- Affection, M- Marriage, E- Enemy, S – Sister

There is a thin line between L and A and sometimes we wonder what’s the importance of A here. While most of us are friends with each other, this formula/calculation comes into the picture only when a girl comes into that same picture 🙂

There will always be an expert in flames and your results have to be validated with the expert. He might not be strong with abacus or vedic maths or even mathematics for that case, but he will be strong with this theory. We all had rough notes and if you get your hands on your old rough notes by some luck, don’t start from the front – go from the back and you will find these weird calculations. Like any concept, it had proven examples by taking real-life couples and reverse engineering the whole process to substantiate the results e.g Ajith and Shalini.

The best part about this technique was manipulatable – first you do with the names alone and your preferred result does not come, so start again by using the full names, with the initials and a lot of other possibilities. It was like the universe’s way of telling to go for it.

It might sound crazy about it these days but every 90’s kids will fondly remember the girl with whom he got L or M.



1 thought on “Flames – The game changer of the 90’s2 min read

  1. For the first time when i put FLAMES for me and Anil, I ended up ‘E’.
    Then I convinced myself that anyways ‘S’ doesnt apply between both of us, and we shud use FLAME instead of FLAMES… We ended up ‘M’ :):)
    Trust me.. there are many case studies who use FLAME in place of FLAMES …. Good old memories…. :):)

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