Predictions for the partnership – Whatsapp and Facebook2 min read

Facebook has acquired Whatsapp for a whopping 19 Billion dollars. After going through all the posts on my Newsfeed from my school super juniors to my uncles and aunties, I wanted to predict what differences would each of the companies undergo. This is just a figment of my imagination. So no suing ok.

Facebook buys Whatsapp - Whats Next?
Facebook buys Whatsapp – Whats Next?

1. Last Seen on :

One of the best features of Whatsapp which gives you a Last Seen on information will get even smarter. It will say interesting messages about your Facebook usage to the people who look you up on Whatsapp.

” Last online on Facebook at … ”

” Is on Facebook. Catch him there ”

“is playing Farmville ”

” is inviting you to play Candy Crush Saga. Run ”

2. Tick Marks

When your message gets delivered on Whatsapp, there are two tick marks. This will be replaced by a Like Symbol – The famous thumbs up one (Come on WordPress, We badly need these symbols).

Here is a improvisation.

Sent – Fist

Delivered – Thumbs Up

3. Sending Pictures from Facebook

You are using Facebook on phone and you find a interesting meme – No downloading and saving and forwarding with Whatsapp.

You will be able to do it directly.

4. Profile Picture

One upload – Both to Facebook and Whatsapp at the same time

5. Suggested Contacts / Sponsored Contacts

Name says it all. This will never happen but idea thrills

6. Friend Request

A girl approves your friend request on Facebook. You have her contact on Whatsapp.

You can call her and surprise her – ” Hey. Thanks for approving my friend request ”

This is the dream.

7. Events

When a Facebook event is created, all the members who are going to the group will be added to a Whatsapp Group.

The one who created the Facebook event will be the group admin.

8. Birthdays

Every birthday message posted by your friend on your wall will be a Whatsapp Message to you.

On your birthday, your last seen will be changed to

” Celebrating Birthday today ”

We forget birthdays alright – We always wish them the next day

” Celebrated birthday yesterday ”


What else can we expect ?


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