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Personalize your Sales emails – Increase your odds3 min read

Sales is a very personal process. Using the right words in the emails can do a world of good to your follow-ups.

Let’s look at two phrases that are regulars and what has to replace them in your emails.

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1. Hope you are doing good/great

This is how a classic email gets started. This is something that should never be assumed. What if your prospect is having a bad day and he happens to open your email that starts with this.

Instead, Google about your prospect’s company and find out the latest updates. You can start your email asking about the same.

They might have got a round of funding, celebrated an anniversary, had a merger or a acquisition. A lot can happen in a little time. We never know unless we check them out.

Here is how we can start – A few examples

” How did the flash sale go? ”

” Checked out your latest blog on Precision Marketing and it was a great read.”

2. Looking forward to take things ahead

How would we feel if someone else took a crucial decision on behalf of us? The decision to take things ahead is definitely not yours to make.

They might feel pressurized because they feel they cannot force their way out. This would result in radio silence from their end making you chase them and eventually you give up.

Instead use this for closing the email

” Kindly let me know how you would like to take things forward “

The word ‘kindly’ will make them feel at ease and the words “how you would like” would assure them that the decision is theirs to make.

There is a greater chance that the prospect would respond to this email.

Follow-ups are the Key

It is perfectly normal to not get a reply for your very first email. If it is a cold email, the first email will put your company on the prospect’s mind.

If your product/service is a very niche one, they might immediately write back to you connecting you to the right person or expressing interest themselves.

When you use email tracking tool like Yesware or Streak, you will understand the number of opens and the number of unique viewers. If the opens or the unique viewers are increasing, then you can be rest assured that your product/service is of interest to them.

You can wait for a couple of days and then check with them if they have any thoughts on how it will help their business.

If you would like to read more about winning cold emails, you must definitely check this blog – here. It worked for me big-time.

A Personal Email > Mail burst

If you are a million dollar marketer or a high profile business consultant who has thousands of users subscribed to know your latest works and offerings, it is ok to go for a mail burst.

But if you are a part of a growing Startup or someone from the SMEs, its better to take one email at a time rather than sending out a flurry of emails to potential prospects.

One email with a personalized message and a friendly follow-up will definitely do the trick.

Good luck. May the odds be always in your favor. Would love to hear your feedback in the comments.


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