Power of being together3 min read

Whenever you are surrounded by the ones you love, even the hardest of times in your life will take an early exit.

It was February 18, 2010 and I was biking to the bus stop where I usually take the bus to college. I was in my third year of Engineering back then and I had my internal examinations on that day.

On my way there was a four corner and I saw a omni car approaching towards the center from the right and it had a speed breaker on its way. I wanted to go straight and I increased the acceleration. The result was a nasty collision and a dislocation in my right leg.

I underwent a minor surgery ( atleast that’s how the docs called it then) and I was at the hospital for more than a week or so. In a couple of days, all of my friends from my class had come to visit me.

There were more than 40 in number and my parents kept guard outside to signal us incase the sound levels went higher. I still remember my dad saying to me that it was like a carnival and the corridor outside my room was filled with footwear. This day I felt very special and my heart became very light without worrying about anything.

I haven’t told this to anyone but after their visit, I felt my body was coping well to the medicine and I was discharged quickly. So much for the power of loved ones when they are around.

Then came the next big challenge – To start walking ( Walking normally comes later )

That’s when my parents, brother and grandparents made sure that I walk with them daily on a very regular basis. Sometimes I would just prefer to lie on bed and watch movies but my grandpa would come in to the room and ask me to walk with him.

A year back from now, he underwent a surgery and he was too weak to walk normally. I made him walk in the corridors of the hospital. That moment I recollected the days when he was doing just that for me for more than a month.

So I was able to walk using a crutch in a month since I was discharged. I was ready to go to college but I had to stay in hostel as I could not travel by College bus daily.

How I wish there was Housing back then. We could have rented a nice place near my college easily.

Unfortunately my friends’ room in hostel where I was supposed to stay was in third floor. Though they were ready to shift their room to the ground floor, I really liked the idea that I would get the practice of climbing the stairs if I took the room in the third floor.

So for all the time I stayed in hostel, I was there in the third floor and I climbed and got down the stairs daily. But I was never left alone. I always had my friends who engaged with me in interesting conversations that helped me forget the pains and make it a normal routine.

Whenever you have your loved ones around and together with you, you get all the strength in the world to do what you love. This was totally true in my life and the above instances stand a testimony for the same.

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