I realised something1 min read

The easiest thing to do on earth is to think. Even more easier is to think about the past.gets loaded from the cache.quite quickly..

No matter how many good things you do you are always remembered for the little mistakes that you do. So i sometimes i think why am i doing the normal good stuff but when there is a need we always stand up for the occasion.

Not really a happy thought to share. I am not that happy too. All that i can remember are the days when i used to run back to my house from school,play cricket,do the homeworks and sleep without any msgs or calls. Nowadays u don sleep just coz u don get a call or msg.I wish i had known all this before.

Getting a star in the notebook was like the big thing that can happen in a day. How many erasers did we lose?how many pencils did we break? how many tennis balls did we lose? Somehow our parents never saw the money that got wasted on that. The smiles on our face mattered.

 I look at the mirror and i try to smile. I don smile. I am just faking it…….

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