Traffic Jam2 min read

I thought it was just another signal but when it took longer than usual I thought something was up. I could see a lot of ppl removing their helmets and scratching their heads.The next thing was looking at  their faces in the mirror and looking around to see whether someone saw that. Then i thought something was serious.There were around thousand vehicles waiting and i could see a lot of ppl walking to find out the cause.

Five minutes passed and still we were waiting. The heat was scorching and the bikers parked their vehicles on the road and proceeded towards the pavements. Only then they realised the trees were cut down a few years back. The hankys played their part to perfection.I was still contemplating whether to get down and follow others.

I was searching for a tamil hero kind of a guy who could dance and sing n entertain us till the traffic jam gets cleared and all the ppl can shake a bit with him or the vettaikaran guy who ll use the hanky in a different way and help in clearing the same.:-) I din belong to the above two so i was just listening to music.

On the other side of the road i could see some ppl who were anxiously waiting  for waving to the VIP who s gonna pass by. After a few minutes twenty SUVs sped through in such a pace that i could not get their models.And suddenly i could see vehicles moving in the front and the signal was green.

Almost everyone had the same question in mind to ask to the standing cop who caused around thousand vehicles to wait in that busy hour.

” How do you stand in the sun the whole day? ”

I had another question too

“Why is that he never salutes me  when i pass ?”

I just can’t understand it.



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