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I have been wondering about what is so special about this game because a billion hearts have a lovey dovey attitude when it comes to this game. The brand new TV sets contemplate on how the oblivious audience had suddenly turned sincere spectators whenever this game is tuned on to.

I am sure you guessed it right.Every child born in India knows the rules of the game like the palm of their hands.There has always been a exemplary business when it comes to cricket bats and balls.The advantages of this game is it can be played in a hallway, on a terrace,on a pier,in the garden and when you grow up you move ahead to the grounds nearby.All that you need are the bat and the ball- man’s greatest sport inventions of all time.

Even the Barmy army shows an extra passion when it comes to cricket. Even if India loses you have a feeling deep inside your heart for the team and our team knows that you are there to back them up. All your comments in facebook are meaningless when you stand still and watch the natwest series final’s highlights honorably waiting for the dhadha’s act.

Take a ground nearby and you will witness ten matches being played at the same time. The batsmen have a tough time identifying the voids in the cricket.A bowler waits for the other bowler who has just bowled and crosses past the same pitch and bowls to his batsman.They have no problems sharing the same pitch or ground because they are united by the spirit of Cricket. The only game which demands a person to bowl, bat ,keep wickets,field and be a bye runner on the same day.The day usually starts and ends with cricket when its a holiday.

Though it is said that the British were the first to play cricket we can proudly say that we were the ones who came up with the most interesting version of the game.One pitch catch game. No batsman lasts more than ten deliveries.A zero in the college becomes a hero when he hits the winning runs for the college team.

Maybe in the years to come the government will include the columns like Batting style and Bowling style in the documents like passport application or something.No team in the world gets such a reception when they come back after winning the series and on the other hand  when they lose in all glory they pelt stones at the houses but faithfully buy tickets for the next series.

T20 cricket has been a nightmare to two people – Lalit Modi, the architect of IPL and Stuart Broad for obvious reasons. Only a few people know Freddie was the cause of Yuvi’s charge.

The success of IPL lies when you see Bhajji and Malinga hugging after Malinga’s blows at the death and when Murali and Dhoni share a joke on field.You actually have this feel good feeling that lasts until the players play against each other in international arena.

I would fail in my duties if I publish this post without using the magical name ” Sachin Tendulkar”. No matter where he plays and who are the audience you never hear the crowd roaring when he gets out. Thats the respect he deserves and he always will. Nothing boosts you more than watching sachin coming down the pitch and hit Warne down the ground for a six with a smile that hurts the bowler more than the ball hit out of the park.

There are a lot of ways in which a book can become a best seller.One good way is to pen down something crazy about Sachin. No wonder Akhtar knew it after all the leather hunt in previous encounters.

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