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At the age of 6,one of the most important responsibilities of mine was tearing the page of the calendar everyday. When i do that and after i get rid of that paper i would sport a smile like i have just won a emmy award.My journey with the calendar started then. I had a tough time reaching the calendar though.

When i started understanding the words written on it, I used to see the prediction for my sun sign that day. Somehow they don’t upset you as every once in a while you end up reading “magilchi” and sadly it exactly turns out to be the opposite. You lose a ten rupee note when it says “Laabam” and yu still stick to the habit.

Whenever a drunk lizard loses balance and falls on you , the whole family runs to the calendar to read the manuscript.The lizard feels bad about its plight at times but still u get to have a hair wash.

One place where the calendar sheet feels its importance is the temple where the whole family  hunts for a piece of paper to parcel the holy ash. And a month before diwali everyone sees the calendar to know when is the exact day of the lights.

Marketing tool for all the small and medium businesses in the town to brand their company and the families readily got them because of the magical word FREE

Homemakers use the calendar for a different purpose and that calendar decides the fate of milkmaid,housemaid and many other people. It is actually mistaken as a attendance register.

Calendars can be customized to user specifications.Long back the calendars used to remind us of the great people’s birthdays with their pictures and the kids really have a tough time answering “who is this?” questions.I turned 16 and i had calendar in my mobile and i had nothing to do with it other than the saving of birthdays and wishing them on date and on time creating a ‘you are special’ feeling in their heart.

It was like a reference book then. Now its in a handheld device but missing a lot of features.There must be the classical calendar in every house even now. If you are someone nodding sideways at this, your mom would be having one. Search in the pooja room maybe. Let me know if u find one.

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