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The most confusing days of any student’s life. The day when the whole class unanimously tells that they are gonna flunk in the exam but as soon as they grab the question paper they take the black pen to start with the headings.

The day when he flips thru the pages of the question papers hoping that there is something he could write upon and then he stumbles upon the last question which he kinda knows something or it rings a bell when he read the same.

Then the Ruskin Bond inside him tells him to write something and there he starts writing the sentences in a repetitive manner which is highly redundant in all ways but a student always hopes that the teacher won’t notice it. All that they ask is the Additional Sheets much to the surprise of the girls who have been scoring well for ages together.

Not to forget the Invigilator who constantly has a chat with his compatriot in the next hall preferably a female and if you keep listening to his lame jokes he tries to impress her he will cut you off with a ” What do you want? “. You will be about to say something but you know there are better things to worry about.

Never look at a girl when she is writing an exam because they have the tendency to scare the shit out of you when you are writing nothing sensible. They would be heavily armed with all the color pens and pro-circles which she would happily say that she will lend but you ultimately end up looking at her. Should i mention that she is not looking back at you.

You overcome all these and you come out thinking that you should never discuss about the question paper and when you come out you see a sect of people. They can be termed as Change Agents. Their job profile isΒ  to go from one gang to another spreading the news that you were wrong miserably.

They work as a team and their prime target is Girls for they are the ones who care so much about the exams both before and after.These change agents have an inherent ability of gossiping and it spreads like fire.

The girls start weeping after having realized that they won’t be a nine pointer this time but they forget to notice the boy who is planning to get upset becoz he won’t even pass the stupid exam.

Centuries pass-education systems-change syllabuses change but Exam is just like a fever. When you have it you think about it over and over again but once you get over it you never give it a thought until you have it next time.

The best part is the qroup study which gives you the license to talk about anybody you like to your friends who will prefer listening to your stories rather than studying a book written by Carl Hamacher.

Dedicated to someone who has just finished the exam πŸ™‚

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