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Shane Warne twists his tongue and comes out with the magical delivery and Sachin comes down the line and hits him over the mid-on for a six. A six doesn’t deter the spinning great’s confidence but the Six followed by Sachin’s smile does.

Shoaib takes a long run up before he hits the deck with a delivery breezing past the one fifty mark and Dravid just makes sure its well left and there again Dravid’s smile is gonna haunt Shoaib for ages together.

We have known smile to be positive for quite some time but if we analyze it, it can be the most powerful weapon against our Ra-Ones. It is contagious for its transmittable. Just try smiling at someone for no reason at all.The Why question comes only after the smile.

Smile once at the waiter when you order and he will ensure things are served to you in a better way. Smile once to the Traffic Police when you are out without a license and sure you will be penalised. Some things never change.

It can save you a lot of trouble in places where you are unaware of vernacular language. Even your basic hand signs may prove offensive. Just smile. New born have a tendency to look at the faces with the smile. I read this in a book and tried this out.But it turned out to be a fatal mistake. That kid din stop crying for hours together.

Research proves that there are 18 different types of smiles which can represent different meanings. Scientists have been continuously working on identifying and understanding a specific smile. But they have tasted royal failures from time to time. Its something that is quite hard to understand and quite easy to misunderstand.

I don’t think there is any necessity to disclose which smile is that. Kudos to those who understood.For others tune into Chutti TV.

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