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It all started with gtalk. Google always comes up with something and the rest of the world follows. Almost 90 percent of the people using Gtalk had ‘Available’ as their status message but the engineer inside the user forced him to click the drop down next to it and then mankind discovered they can indeed express their views in the small space. Then the crazy stuff started.

Available changed to ‘Always Available ‘. Now please do tell me how are they different from each other or ‘ don’t Disturb’ as if you are working on a undercover MI3 operation. How much can one take? Not to mention the status messages that stays for months together like ‘Happy New Year Friends’ stays till christmas.

Then came the market leader in Social networking. The facebook as they call. It revolutionized the status thing. Thank god they have a provision of commenting on a status update if its dumb. Zuckerberg rocks. When you read a status update you could actually tell what they are feeling right now. Thats the purpose with which it was coded and rendered. But what happens here is all the more interesting. Facebook has become inundated with Mundane information ๐Ÿ™‚ expressed in a same way over and over again.

A girls posts her statusย  “It’s raining ” . A guy quickly comments ” Take an umbrella ” and the next one is even more precarious and comments ” don’t catch cold “. I am just wondering if that girl is really outside or just watching the rain by the window.

Next time when you put a status message check the number of friends you have and the likes that you get. Not everybody likes it really but they just want to let you know that it was a good try. Like how you clap when you want someone to get down from the stage.

The busiest of people somehow find time to sneak thru and type ” Am totally busy ” and click update and all that you can do is just smile at them. I remember one of my friends posting ” Facebook is a waste of time ” and there were 20 comments and he spent a half hour replying back to all his friends.

The easiest way to befriend a girl is to press the Like button when she updates her status to “Sweet “. Never ask what is Sweet ? it will make you seem dumb. Just Like it and you will be the one. True STORY. If there is a girlย  reading this who says ” No dumbo ,It does not work this way”. Just Copy the word “Sweet ” and update your status.

Google plus is safe as of now.



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