Save the Scientists


What was the last thing that changed the world? I have been searching for the one person whose inventions can change the way things around. Are Scientists or inventors extinct? I believe so. There is something skeptical about the fact that every great invention that was made was at least twenty years before I was born.

The consequences are rather disheartening. Kids have to be content with e=mc^2 or f=ma for another century or so. Good for the parents though.

If an apple falls on my head I will sure not go anywhere near the force that caused the apple to fall. I would just look around and up to see who threw it.

…. to be continued


2 thoughts on “Save the Scientists

  1. Sastika

    We are just not aware about the new inventions or we can say that people never recognize things. When I say people it includes me also! High time we teach people about it and now that I am into this teaching I can make one promise that I will first make sure that I get to know the new inventions and discoveries and spread it to the other people!!!
    This is an eye opener blog Sundaresan! Keep it up!


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