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This is an integral part of Indian culture and heritage. We faithfully stick to them even when the other part of the world has advanced to other means. What i am talking about is the BUS which has never been on time ,never been half filled and which never stops correctly at the bus stop.(Courtesy : Vivek).

It all starts when you get into the bus and the first 20 secs passes in the footboard. The conductor is so used to saying ” Ulla vaa Ulla vaa ” that he never realises there is no place to keep even one leg of mine and when i try to get in coz of  him i end up stamping someone.I am sure every one who gets into the bus says sorry atleast once and the magical man behind all that is the conductor and sometimes the driver who hits the brake well before a bump just to smile back at a terrified kid standing near him.Sometimes he forgets he is not driving a Lamborghini.

You can listen to peppy numbers of the 90s and wonder if they are really peppy.But all the 40+ category enjoys by humming the same and sometimes singing alone. It is when you realise the importance of headset. You don’t do anything different though.Someday when they turn off the so called dts system you will end up being the jackass caught singing.

Whenever you try to put up a professional image taking out the exact change you either take long to tell the destination or the number of tickets and anyways the result is gonna be a treatment from the conductor that u never wanted that day.

Whenever you see the conductor’s handbag you have thoughts to grab it and run coz he keeps tempting  by counting the money over and over again.Even if you hand him a 10 rupee note in the classic folded way he keeps it between his fingers the first thing he does is open the fold and fold it again and you are again the joker there.

He asks you to move to the center of the bus and when you do that he comes back getting in from the front saying “Go back” when there are girls nearby and  before everyone you tend to become the small boy. You may be a big shot in your college but before a conductor you  always end up a bit short.

Always expect the unexpected when it comes to a journey by bus. Happy bussing.



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