Tom,Dick and Harry at Infy part 11 min read

The first feeling when every trainee has when he drops down at infy is ” Wow.What a place?”. Sadly after he takes  the first test it becomes “What a place?”. I am one among them. It was the very first time i saw a lot of my friends becoming raymond right before my eyes

Post security checks you tend to have a look at the campus and you see girls flaunting the  green umbrellas and you think its the best place to live in.It takes a month to realise that they were getting back from the Pariksha hall.

I am not sure if  Infosys was founded in China or the campus was ruled by Cheng Weng or Infy got its independence from China. Yeah you are right. Am talking about the cycles.Fun starts from here coz i was taken by surprise when a few ppl started learning to ride a cycle and you can also find lance armstrongs here and there.

You won’t fail to notice the dome like structure which is crowded at two important occasions- during the induction and during the weekends though the latter takes lead most of the time.

To be continued

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